Business Plan

More more We open a store of children's goods: a business plan
Although there is a crisis in the street, some businesses continue to grow. And in this list a special place is occupied by the production and sale of children's goods…

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Secrets of the organization of business selling home textiles
Assortment Definition One of the most important issues that the future merchant has to decide is to determine the range of his shop. On the one hand, home textiles are…

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Business Plan atelier tailoring
In any of the cities of our country, we will find a huge number of stores that may well meet the demand for clothing. Despite the variety of assorted, in…

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Sewing children’s clothes

Business Relevance
Sewing children’s clothes is a current type of business, because the demand for products for children is always high and does not depend on the time of year. This business has a fairly quick payback, and its profitability can reach 30%.

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Online store bedding fabrics “Rullonchik” – wholesale supplier of fabrics for bed linen. The company has existed since 2008. Skillful leadership along with competent policy became the basis of strong partnerships with factories in Pakistan, Turkey, China, Belarus. Large manufacturers helped to form a large range of products, stand out among competitors and offer the buyer prices, one of the lowest in Ukraine. Continue reading

Heimtextil 2020 – International exhibition of home textiles and fabrics for interior decoration

Heimtextil is held annually since 1971 and is the leading European exhibition of home textiles and fabrics for interior decoration. On Heimtextil you can see fabrics and upholstery, draperies, curtains, wallpaper, home textiles, mattresses, pillows, blankets, bed and table linen, yarn, carpets and other products of the weaving industry, used in everyday life and for commercial purposes.

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Office sofas and poufs. Furniture for public spaces

Office sofas and poufs. Furniture for public spaces
The Smart Balls project was born in 2007, when we built the interior of a rest room and informal negotiations in the office of one company. And we, of course, wanted to put frameless chairs there. But all that we found was simply terrifying quality (even including the famous and very expensive Sacco from Zanotta). We simply could not put our workers on “this.” We realized that the space was free, we came to our friends in the design bureau Ostengruppe, began to discuss what can be thought out and how to develop – and everything started to turn around … Continue reading

How does the textile business

If you think that somewhere in the world there is a place where there are workshops under the sign KENZO or KVADRAT with large weaving machines and pretty weavers – then you are mistaken.
Textile business is cleverly arranged, especially in the high segment. There are factories, and there are so-called publishers. They differ from each other in much the same way as the usual “Russian” publishing houses for Russian ears differ from printing houses. That is, the publishers develop the design of the fabric (in a broad sense, from the color palette, drawings, to the way of interlacing and composition), and then place an order at the factory. Continue reading

Business Plan store textiles
The business interest lies in the fact that it is an alternative to trade in ready-made clothing of mass production. By selling fabrics, you give women the opportunity to show…


Spring mood: update textile decor in the room
General requirements for quality and consumer characteristicsHoteliers impose quite stringent requirements on hotel textiles: high quality and ease of operation, the ability to use machine washing and drying, convenient for…


Tailoring of fur products. Business - fur atelier
Tailoring of fur products, a lesson that requires certain knowledge and skills, so to start such a business you should complete training courses on working with fur, or work in…


How to open a lingerie store: step by step business plan
A business plan is one of the components of a successful launch of any business project. A clearly written plan containing information about the estimate, the steps to be taken,…