Business Plan atelier tailoring
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Heimtextil 2020 - International exhibition of home textiles and fabrics for interior decoration
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The sides in the crib recently captured social networks. Only lazy people do not sew them, and almost every second mother on maternity leave tried to open her own online…

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Caring novelties for sleep and rest

Most of all, people appreciate caring for them. And sometimes things that are insignificant at first glance, with the addition of care in them, work wonders. A comfortable mattress and an unusual pillow not only help to relax and rest, but also fill people’s hearts with a good mood, inspire great things. For example, most recently the company “Strong” began to offer its customers amazing new items. It would seem that you can still come up with in the field of mattresses and pillows? It turns out you can – just add a bit of care to them, and the result will not take long.
– If a person needs to sleep properly, will someone take care of him?
– Who? Mother Teresa? … But … Only we remain!
(Strong Company).

So, in the list of caring new products we present mattresses made of highly elastic material, unusual pillows for the legs and the base with a lifting mechanism.

Mattresses that “draw”
The secret of the new mattress is in its foam filling of viscoelastic polyurethane foam. Viscoelastic polyurethane foam is a synthetic heat-sensitive material with unique physical and mechanical properties. It has a dense and viscous structure, which exactly reproduces the shape of the body immersed in it. So, when a person lies on a mattress of viscoelastic foam, the mattress, due to the impact of weight and heat, even in a cool room, sags under it, clearly “drawing” the contours of its body. At the same time, the mattress is not lost completely, but provides good support for the spine, thereby creating the same pressure in all places of contact of the body with the mattress. The feeling of airiness combined with the unique properties of temperature regulation, the ability to evenly distribute the load over the entire surface of the body on soft tissues – all these properties help to improve blood circulation, facilitate breathing, relieve muscle tension and allow the body to relax in the most natural position.

Pillow for … legs
Does a person get tired more – head or legs? A moot point. But for some reason, manufacturers of pillows have always cared more about rest of their heads. From now on, this injustice is defeated. The Strong company represents a unique pillow under legs, which is an effective means for relieving fatigue of this particular part of the body.

The miracle cushion is wedge-shaped (with a control valve in the high part). It naturally supports the legs of a person lying above the level of his body and provides their support along the entire length from the area of ​​the buttocks to the heels. This situation helps to improve blood circulation and relieve tension after intense loads during the day.

The shape of the pillow has been developed taking into account the anatomical features of the human body and allows for its active use at any time and in any condition (including the period of pregnancy in women).
The pillow is made without the use of harmful chemicals, which distinguishes it from other similar products.

Lifting gear for flying in a dream
Speaking about the wonders of technology, it is worth mentioning the bases with a lifting mechanism that make orthopedic mattresses even more caring and comfortable. Due to these reasons, the anatomical and orthopedic properties of mattresses are most effective. The design of the base is a springy lattice of transverse birch lamellae, curved at a certain angle, and a metal or wooden frame. The base can be used as a stand-alone bed or inside the bed body. The sizes can be both standard, and custom-made.

In conclusion, we’ll note that it’s impossible to tell about all the caring suggestions and ideas for creating the perfect rest and sleep that Strong can offer, especially since you don’t have to read about them, they should be tested on yourself and your clients .
Synthetic, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material, giving the mattress softness. For a long time, it retains its properties and form, withstanding strong and prolonged pressure.

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