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Standard Textile is an international textile company. We believe that our main commitment is the need to help our clients succeed by developing innovative technologies to create high-quality textile products,…

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Business Plan store textiles

The business interest lies in the fact that it is an alternative to trade in ready-made clothing of mass production. By selling fabrics, you give women the opportunity to show individuality, to emphasize their good taste. A shop may include both fabrics for clothing and home textiles (curtains, tulle, curtains), fabric for working clothes and upholstery of furniture. For the latter type of textiles, a specialty store is usually opened.

Organizing your textile business and drawing up a business plan, you should strive to take into account all its stages:
renting a room or department in a shopping center;
purchase of fabrics and related products;
purchase of commercial equipment (racks, shop windows, mannequins);
purchase of a cash register;

Also, you need to provide for the costs of utilities and electricity (in case you have your own building or room), the replenishment of the range, the salary of sellers, the cost of taxation.

Textile Store Business Plan – Download
It is necessary that your store compares favorably with competitors, choose densely populated areas of the city, and best of all, if the store will be located in its center. Take care of advertising your store, about the presence of a department with sewing accessories.

So, the main investment in the opening of the store area of ​​70 m2:
purchase of the initial batch of goods – $ 20000;
trading equipment – $ 1800;
cash register – $ 150-200;
Monthly expenses:
room rental – $ 2500;
the salary of 2 sellers is $ 600;
periodic replenishment of the product – $ 5000;
other current expenses – $ 500;
With a monthly revenue of 15,000, the profit will be $ 6400.

It should be noted that the figures are approximate, they depend on the breadth of the range and prices for your chosen product.
Drawing up a business plan, you can use your own efforts, or you can download it on the Internet already ready. In any case, he will help in your endeavors. Successes!

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