Business plan for tailoring
People almost regularly buy new clothes, why? It's simple, because old clothes wear out and tear. For the female half of the population, things are a little more complicated: clothes…

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How to turn dreams into sweet dreams?
How to make the client's bed to make him want to come back here again, and what kind of underwear should be purchased for the hotel? From 24 hours of…

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Online store bedding fabrics “Rullonchik” - wholesale supplier of fabrics for bed linen. The company has existed since 2008. Skillful leadership along with competent policy became the basis of strong…

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Fabric store – how to start this business?

Before opening a fabric store, you need to analyze your competitors, find out what kind of goods they offer, what is in demand, what suppliers they buy from. And of course, try to offer the customer all the best at better prices.

Before opening a fabric store, it is necessary to analyze your future competitors and the range that they offer to their customers. In general, the assortment (its breadth and diversity) plays almost the most important role in such a business as a fabric store. Visit your competitors, find out what products do you think they lack, and what fabrics are offered in abundance.

Your range must clearly differ from the range of competitors. A wide range of products and flexible pricing policy – this is the key to success in this type of business. Therefore, at this stage of organizing your business, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Fabric store – how to start this business?
Try to make your store have a huge variety of products, as your customers may be garment factories, theaters, fashion designers and ordinary fashionista. If you buy goods abroad, the buyers will only contact you, because the domestic manufacturers of fabrics can not boast of high quality.

As a rule, the highest quality fabrics are manufactured by the following countries: Turkey, Indonesia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan. To purchase fabrics you need to approach with all seriousness, visit in person the factory with which you have entered into an agreement and personally touch the goods and select the most suitable.

If you are going to create a large store, with a wide range and additional accessories, then you should find a room of at least 40-50 square meters.
If additional rooms are planned for storing stocks of fabrics, then a couple more tens of meters should be thrown.

The next step will be the selection of products that make up the assortment of the store. Here, in order to be well versed in a situation, it is necessary to study the state of the market for fabrics in your city, to observe the strategy, prices, sources of purchases of future competitors. There is a chance to win the competition by finding a more profitable supplier or using a brighter and more attractive marketing campaign.
In order to attract customers, you need to advertise in newspapers, on radio, television. Give out flyers on the streets. A very good solution is to install a small coffee table in the store, on which thematic magazines will lie.
You will need to hire an experienced person for the position of seller. He must understand the goods he trades, be able to sell and be polite, honest and sociable.

Recently, the demand for fabrics has become more active again. The reason for such activity is of course fashion. So, it covers the desire of people to stand out, to be different. What makes you choose the fabric yourself and sew clothes. The development of hand-made craftsmen is also actively used. And in order to create their own decorative objects, crafts and designer items, you need to purchase a lot of different fabrics. For this, buyers turn to fabric stores with a wide range.

Organizing your own department selling fabrics is not so difficult. To do this, you need to take care of the documentation, find a suitable place to work and open a store. Everything is simple, but it is very important to choose a place with good demand for products. Therefore, before engaging in the documentary part, you should begin to act with market analysis, in order to determine the profitability of the enterprise, assess the risks and the state of competition, find a suitable place to work.

Choose a room for the store.
Choosing a zone of trade is to focus on the patency of the place. And the more people will march alongside each day, the more likely it is to make their business successful. Markets, chain stores, shopping centers in the nearby location will help to get their customers. In this case, you can pick up a separate shop, and a place in the mall. It is important to focus on the presence of similar stores in the area.

The size of the room may be small. To work enough, and 40 square meters. m. But, it is important that the room was possible to divide into departments. For example, on fabrics and their direction, to make it easier for customers to navigate. The room itself must meet the standards of sanitary and fire safety, have good ventilation, be characterized by dry air, have all communications.

The cost of renting a small room will start at $ 400.
Choosing fabrics.
Fabrics to Russia come from India, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, France, and Japan. The country of origin often distinguishes the quality of the fabric, its structure and properties. Forming the assortment it is important to take care of the presence of each of the types of fabrics so that the buyer can choose for himself something really necessary.

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