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Tailoring of fur products. Business – fur atelier

Tailoring of fur products, a lesson that requires certain knowledge and skills, so to start such a business you should complete training courses on working with fur, or work in the atelier and gain experience.

Work on sewing fur products can be done in your own apartment or house. At the same time once every two days you should do the cleaning – vacuuming or “wet”, although the skins do not carry a large amount of hair and dust.

It is also worth noting that during a season two people can easily sew and realize 200-500 fur products even in the largest city.

As for the value of the skins, then of course it depends on the type of skin, more precisely the type of animal to which it belonged, the size and location of the fur farm.

It is best to work together. One is engaged in cutting the skins, tailoring, i.e. furrier work. Another sells products in the local clothing market, or you can “put” the seller or distribute the products for sale.

Are the skins:
1. Lysopes (hybrid of arctic fox and fox) – from 1,800 to 2,200 rubles, depending on the size and location of the animal farm.
2. The Chernoburi fox costs from 1,800 to 2,500 rubles, depending on the size and location of the fur farm.
3. Arctic fox – from 1500 to 1700 rubles.
! By the way, for beginners it is good to start working with white polar fox, since it is inexpensive and it is good to paint it (painting costs from 80 to 250 rubles), since colored collars cost up to 2700 rubles and more. Those. profit from 1 skin can be on average from 600 to 1200 rubles!

They buy fur products in Russia for 10 months a year, except for April and May. From the summer, trade begins again, though not as intensively as from autumn to spring. Thus, the fur business is a reliable, interesting and for centuries proven business with completely liquid materials – skins and equipment.

You can open your own fur atelier with a starting capital of around 500 thousand rubles. The bulk of the money will go to pay rent, additional equipment, labor, and purchase of fur.

The cost of a special iron for fur ranges from 17 thousand rubles. From the staff in the studio will need to hire a cutter, an experienced furrier, mechanic and dressmakers.

With a successful promotion of the studio, the profitability per month reaches at least 20-25%. Tailoring and sale of fur coats from exclusive fur, for example, sable, Canadian lynx or ermine, will bring up to 40% of the income, but such fur coats need a preliminary order and purchase of fur abroad.

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