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Spring mood: update textile decor in the room
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Spring mood: update textile decor in the room
General requirements for quality and consumer characteristicsHoteliers impose quite stringent requirements on hotel textiles: high quality and ease of operation, the ability to use machine washing and drying, convenient for…

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Business Plan atelier tailoring

In any of the cities of our country, we will find a huge number of stores that may well meet the demand for clothing. Despite the variety of assorted, in fact, it consists of standard models. This is precisely the reason for the unquenchable demand for a studio, where they can sew original clothes for a specific person. Therefore, the studio can be an excellent starting business. Why is this business so attractive for a budding entrepreneur? Firstly, this is a good business for a specialist in tailoring, and secondly, in this business there are prospects from the very beginning and it is clear how you can succeed – to find interested customers who will be permanent and will bring a steady income.

This business plan was created in order to open a small studio for sewing and repairing clothes. The legal form of business is individual entrepreneurship. The choice of this form of organization is justified by the fact that the consumer of the final product is a private individual. Thus, the payment of tax will be reduced, and accounting and inventory accounting – simplified.
The likelihood of success of this project is very high. This is justified by the fact that in every city (village) there are a large number of people – potential clients of the atelier.

Enterprise Description
This studio will work on individual orders for sewing and repairing clothes.

Description of services
The services of the studio include tailoring by request of the client, as well as repair and restoration of the client’s clothes.

Market analysis
This section provides an analysis of the market of your city, which will help you understand what the competition in this industry is and how successful this enterprise is in your locality. Also, this section should give a description of errors in the business of competitors, the shortcomings of their activities. This will demonstrate an understanding of how to run a business and what mistakes to avoid. Deficiencies in the work of potential competitors can push a new solution, a marketing ploy.

Business Plan atelier tailoring
Production plan

To begin work it is necessary to search for premises. And here are the following options:

1) one room that accommodates both the order point and the tailoring shop;

2) two premises: the workshop for tailoring should be located outside the city limits, and the order acceptance point – in one of the most visited places in the city, for example, in a large shopping center.

The first option involves high rental costs, since a large room in the city is more expensive.

In the second option will need a smaller amount for rent. Also, the advantage is that, having placed an item in a shopping center, there is a high probability to attract customers who came here just to buy clothes and, perhaps, would prefer individual tailoring or adjustment of purchased clothes. The decision on which option to choose is up to you as the owner of the business.

The next thing to do is to buy sewing equipment. If you are not a specialist in sewing business, then you should hire a connoisseur (manager) in this business who will solve highly specialized issues, including, and direct the purchase of equipment. The main equipment is a multifunctional sewing machine and multi-operation sewing machine. The amount of equipment depends on how much work is expected.

The next question is recruitment. Minimum number of employees: fashion designer, seamstress (master of sewing and repair), order taker. A fashion designer is a highly paid specialist; therefore, it is better to hire a talented student or a recent graduate in start-up business, who cannot demand high pay due to lack of experience. Such cooperation will be beneficial to you and him. But the master should be invited experienced. The order taker is required to take measurements.

The next important action will be the launch of an advertising campaign, which should promote the studio to the market. If you doubt that you will cope with the strategy, use the services of specialists.

Sales Plan
Finished products will be sold through the item receiving orders.

Financial plan
This section is dedicated to financial matters and calculations.
– rental of premises for a sewing workshop (200,000 rubles / year)
– rental of premises for the point of receiving orders (100,000,200,000 rubles / year)
– purchase of equipment (150.000 rubles.)
– salary of the personnel (600.000 200.000 rub / year)
– purchase of consumables – tools, fabric, thread (100.000 rubles)

Total: 1.150.000 rubles. – this is an expense in the first year of work.
– tailoring (80.000 rubles per month)
– restoration, repair and other services (30.000 rubles per month)
Total: 1.320.000 rubles / year.

It becomes obvious that the cost of organizing the studio can be recouped in less than a year. Nevertheless, these calculations are approximate for the reason that the market situation in each locality is different, the income will depend on the competition and demand in this paragraph.

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